Q & A with Leah Eckley, Associate Director of Smart Support with SW Human Development: The importance of mental health in early childhood development

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National data shows that pre-K children are expelled at three times the rate as K-12 students for challenging behaviors. A child’s early years can be a roller coaster of emotions and behaviors, but when do challenging behaviors cross the line into mental health issues? What does early childhood mental health look like? Early childhood mental […]

Attachment in Adoptive, Fostering, & Blended Families by David Bourne MS, LPC

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Attachment in Adoptive, Fostering, & Blended Families by David Bourne MS, LPC

Families come in all shapes and sizes. Recently I am seeing more created families coming into my office in the form of adoption and fostering as well as blended families. Families are beautiful expressions of love. That being said, families can require lots of work to help them flow smoothly. One frequent issue I see […]

Cyber Safety Nov. 20st & Nov. 22nd

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Ben Storie will be presenting Cyber Safety: Protecting Your Child in the Cyber World on Wednesday, November 20th at Grace Community Church beginning at 7pm. There is no cost to attend this presentation but they do ask that due to the content and subject matter that will be presented and discussed that minors do not attended. […]

A Newfound Relationship between Depression and Bullying

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A new study finds that depressed children may become targets for bullies and ostracizing.       

Is my teen using drugs?

An informational article that provides tips for parents regarding teen drug use and insight into these questions:    How do you know whether your teen is using drugs?  And if they get caught using drugs, how do you help them get back on the right track?  http://www.heartlightministries.org/blogs/markgregston/2012/01/26/is-my-teen-using-drugs/