Instructions:  Look at the following symptoms of stress.  Score each between 1-5.

(1=rarely; 2=monthly; 3=weekly; 4=several times a week; 5=almost daily)

_______1. Headaches

_______2.  Stomach problems – pain, diarrhea, constipation, nausea

_______3.  Fast heart beat

_______4.  Pain in body –legs, neck, lower back, shoulders, jaw

 ______ 5.  Muscle jerks or tics

_______6.  Eating problems-no appetite, constant eating, full feeling without eating

_______7.  Sleeping problems-unable to fall asleep, up in middle of the night, bad dream

_______8.  Tiredness

_______9.  Can’t get your breath

_______10. Dry throat or mouth

_______11.  Teeth grinding

_______12.  Hyperactive -unable to sit-extra energy

_______13.  Uncontrollable crying or not being able to cry

_______14.  Smoking

_______15.  Drinking alcohol

_______16.  Use drugs

_______17.  Nervous feelings or tenseness

_______18.  Dizziness and weakness

_______19.  Irritable and easily angered

_______20.  Sad and depressed

_______21.  Accident prone

_______22.  Feeling angry in general

_______23.  Feeling overwhelmed and unable to cope

_______24.  Feeling like you want to run away or disappear

_______25.  Doing weird things without thinking

_______26.  Nervous laughter

_______27.  Easily startled and jumpy

_______28.  Worried about disease and death

_______29.  Bored with life

_______30.  Always worried about money

_______31.  Afraid of weekends or vacations

_______32.  Think there is no one to talk to about your problems

_______33.  Afraid of heights or closed spaces-elevators, swings

_______34.  Feel rejected by family and friends

_______35.  Never laugh

_______36.  Unable to concentrate or finish things you start

_______37.  Allergies

_______38.  Sleep a lot

_______39.  Don’t have friends

_______40.  Don’t want to be with people

·        If you score is below 66=low stress/ 67 to 120=moderate stress/ above 120=High stress and you need to talk to an adult or your counselor

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