Our Counseling Services

We have over 50 years of experience counseling families and individuals on navigating change.  PC therapists are passionate about helping others through individual, premarital, marriage counseling, families, and groups. They are known for their compassionate services to their clients.

They exhibit our Preferred Counseling values of : 1)Achievement {Embrace and Drive Change} 2)Learning {Continuous Improvement} 3)Excellence {Dedicated to the Success of Our Clients} 4)Integrity { Respect, Trust, Compassion} 5)Safety & Community {Health and Corporate Citizenship}.

Often our clients comment that they enjoy the tools they have discovered and skills that they can use for personal and career success.

Our office staff is trained to assist you with any questions you might have. They will carefully match you with a counselor that’s specifically trained to help. Feel free to contact us or give us a call.

Here are some things we help our clients work through.

  1. Marital Counseling
  2. Overcome Depression
  3. Resolve Family and Relationship Conflicts
  4. Control Anger and Hostility
  5. Enhance Relationships
  6. Conquer Phobias
  7. Triumph Over Sexual and Physical Abuse
  8. Resolve Child and Adolescent Disturbances
  9. Develop Effective Stress Management
  10. Gain Control of Eating Disorders
  11. Improve Pain Management Skills
  12. Successfully Recover from Divorce
  13. Manage Emotional Difficulties