What does grief mean to youth?  Some youth describe it as the “seasons”. Seasons are the natural part of nature.  Well, people are something like nature.  They also have seasons, such as:  birth, baby, toddler, preteen, teenager, adult, and geriatric.  Change is a natural part of the cycle of life. 


Loss is a part of change.  Loss means we are without something or someone.  Some losses we don’t mind, like being able to drive a car and go places without a parent.  However, some losses make us feel hurt, sad, or angry.  We call these losses “grievous losses.”  They mess us up in some way.  They may change our lives for awhile, maybe even forever.


We experience grievous losses when we are separated from someone or something we loved.  Like when a friend moves away, our parents divorce or a pet or someone we care about dies.


The things that happen to people after a “grievous loss”  is explained by the word bereavement or “grief”.  Grief is a process.  It doesn’t happen all at once.  It has common feelings and experiences that happen to people.  I results in the person getting themselves back together.  Often they learn a lot from the experience.


Post a short story entitled “My Losses, Separations and Feelings”.  Include: 1. What the loss was  2. how it affected you and others 3.  how it changed your feelings about yourself and others 4.  Could there be anything good come from it?

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