Q & A with Leah Eckley, Associate Director of Smart Support with SW Human Development: The importance of mental health in early childhood development

National data shows that pre-K children are expelled at three times the rate as K-12 students for challenging behaviors. A child’s early years can be a roller coaster of emotions and behaviors, but when do challenging behaviors cross the line into mental health issues?

What does early childhood mental health look like?

Early childhood mental health refers to the healthy social, emotional and behavioral well-being of young children. Early childhood mental health can look differently depending on the individual child, their family and their community or culture.

Since many children exhibit different behaviors, when should parents be concerned?

Children display numerous behaviors and usually those behaviors are part of normal development. All children act out at times and display troublesome behaviors. However, if behaviors seem too extreme and are present in different environments over a period of time, it might be time to seek assistance from a professional.

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