September 10th  is when the world celebrates grandparents. Let us not forget our elderly population and their mental health. Research suggest that over 20% of adults over the age of 55 have had a mental health concern but only 2/3 have received any kind of treatment.

This article indicates that “while mental illness in the elderly is often overlooked and challenging to diagnose, it’s effects can greatly diminish a seniors health and well being, complicate the treatment of other chronic diseases and even lead to death.”

In this article you will learn about the common elderly mental health disorders, why mental health issues are not addressed with the elderly, risk factors and statistics. “As we grow older, it isn’t uncommon to see changes. General forgetfulness is normal, but persistent depression, anxiety, memory loss, or other cognitive issues can be signs of something more serious.”

If you notice a sign that your loved one could be having mental health issues please contact their primary care provider so they can be properly assessed.

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