You Never Knew Me

I realized the other day

In our coversation on the phone

That you only know me in small ways

After all that is my fault, I’ve kept mostly on my own

I thought you knew me, I really did

I thought after all these years you understood my silence

But the other day I realized there was nothing left but an end

After all these years on my own

I have after all developed some self reliance

But you never did unerstand the demons with which I must contend

A tortured soul seeking a new inner land

Blown around with little to find in family or friend
You never really knew my heart or my soul

And if you don’t understand by now

Then me you will never really know

But that doesn’t matter now since you never truly knew me anyhow

I will keep forging ahead on my own

I will make mistakes still, this is true

But only I can judge how much I’ve grown

I  no longer need or seek approval from you

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