Music is an Outlet for Grieving Youth

After listening to the song, Fire and Rain, post commits about:

  1. What is the song about?
  2. What were some of the feelings written about in the song?
  3. How could you tell the person was grieving?
  4. Do you think the person in the song gained anything?
  5. Will the person in the song be OK?
  6. What feelings did you have when listening to the song?
  7. What are some songs that remind you of your loved one who died?
  8. Do you think songs can be helpful or hurtful when going through grief?
  9. What would you title a song about your grief?
  10. “Grief Is a Rainbow”.  It connects us from our past into our future and happens because there is both sunshine and rain.  There may be stormy-rainy (anger, hurt and tears) times of grief and the sunny (memories of good times that peek through the sad times).  Explain how it takes both sunshine and rain to make a rainbow and that EQUALS HOPE.  Tell how hope protects you and keeps you knowing that a rainbow can happen.

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