Each person copes with stress and problems differently.  When you are under stress or have problems, how likely are you to do each of the following?

Write down the most appropriate number for each statement: 

                                      1=Never          2=Seldom        3=Sometimes        4=Usually        5=Always

1.  Drink alcoholic beverages.               
2.  Talk it out with others.

3.  Read about the problem.

4.  Don’t worry about it.

5.  Keep busy so can’t think about it.

6.  Eat More.

7.  Eat less.

8.  Smoke marijuana.

9.  Work it out through exercise.

10. Curse, swear, yell.

11. Smoke cigarettes, cigars, pipes.

12. Sleep more.

13. Sleep less.

14. Cry.

15. Try to find the humor in it.

16. Take drugs (pep pills, etc.)

17. Pray.

18. Make alternative plans.

19. Expect the worst.

20. Try to forget it.

21. Put it in God’s hands.

22. Daydream.

23. Look for the good in it.

24. Indulge in reckless behavior.

25. Accept it.

26. Hope for a miracle.

27. Keep my feelings to myself.

28. Ask others for advice.

29. Escape from it for awhile.

30. Wait to see what happens.

31. Treat myself to something special.

32. Get involved in hobby/activity.
33. Find out more about it.

34. Resort to contemplative moods.
35. Become more involve with nature.

36. Take definite action.

37. Draw on past experience.

From Bereavement Support Groups:  Leadership Manual, Grief Education Institute, 1780 South Bellaire Street, Suite 132, Denver, CO, 80222, copyright 1984. Used with permission 

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