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  • The Best Apology: #Stay Married

    The Best Apology: #Stay Married

    DON’T apologize for someone else’s feelings. “I’m sorry you’re mad” is NOT an apology. It’s condescending. DO apologize for your own actions and attitude. “I’m sorry i was rude” is an apology that takes ownership. Be specific about what you did wrong. “I’m sorry for whatever your mad at” is NOT going to work. DON”T […]

  • Attachment in Adoptive, Fostering, & Blended Families by David Bourne MS, LPC

    Attachment in Adoptive, Fostering, & Blended Families by David Bourne MS, LPC

    Families come in all shapes and sizes. Recently I am seeing more created families coming into my office in the form of adoption and fostering as well as blended families. Families are beautiful expressions of love. That being said, families can require lots of work to help them flow smoothly. One frequent issue I see […]

  • The Problem Is Not The Problem [in Marriage]

    Marital advice is readily available on the internet, in magazines, TV talk shows or from your friends and family. However, much of this advice is influenced by beliefs and experiences of the adviser (many times secrets or myths) and has little to do with the reality of the specific couple’s difficulties. I don’t intend to […]

  • The Problem with Cleaning the Kitchen

    The problem with cleaning the kitchen is that I find a toy that belongs in Eva’s bedroom so I stop and take it there. While I’m in her room I find a bath towel on the floor so I take it to the laundry room. I try to start a load of laundry but the […]

  • You’re Stepping on My Toes

    My wife has tender toes. I’m not speaking figuratively. They literally are. She’s had botched pedicures, ingrown toenails and even an unfortunate incident involving our daughter’s baseball cleat. Simply put, she’s got sensitive little piggies. And sometimes I step on them. I don’t mean to do it. But some evenings when we’re working in the […]