Category: Grief Cookbook

  • Cyber-Savvy Therapy Presentation

    Cheryl Edwards and Daxon Edwards present on how young adults express their grief online and how counselors and businesses should create a presence for themselves on Facebook with Fan Pages or Groups.

  • Good Grief Cookbook

    Write a recipe for helping yourself or someone else during periods of grief.  An example could be: Calm Cookies 1 cup caring friends 1/2 cup sharing feelings 1/2 cup meaningful activity 2 T. meditation 1/4 t. good nutition Mix well.  Spread in 9″x9″ prayerful pan and bake for 3 or 6 months or until hope and healing […]

  • Stages of Grief

    Denial and Isolation:  Periods of denial are used positively as a healthy way to cope with the shock of finding out the truth. Anger:  Ask “why me?”, He/she feels resentful and envious, frustration and helpless.  They are angry with family, doctors, nurses, friends and others and need to feel cared for and respected. Bargaining:  The […]