Article Photos: Happy couple marriage counselingFeeling heard and understood during challenging times in life is like a positive bug zapper. We are drawn to those who “get us” in the realest, most genuine ways. At times in life, those people who “get us” may not feel equipped for what we’re going through or perhaps those people may just be few and far between. This is the enormous benefit of therapy. Helping my clients navigate the grief process is a true honor. Whether it’s a difficult diagnosis, divorce, loss of loved one, recent move, loss of relationship, change in jobs, miscarriage and infertility issues, or lack of social support, I am confident that I can create a safe environment for you in session to process and find a healthy way to grieve these losses.

I provide Emotionally Focused Therapy for Individuals

I provide Emotionally Focused Therapy for Individuals (EFIT) where you will feel validated and understood in session. We will work to make sense of emotions that naturally come up for you and organize them together in an experiential way. EFIT is an attachment-oriented approach, which focuses on the way you deal with basic emotions, interact and engage with others based on these emotions, and how you view yourself as a result of these interactions with others. This includes the possibility of integrating experiences or parts of yourself. For example, a woman recently diagnosed with breast cancer could work with me in session to process the “scared” part of her who is afraid she might die that she manages by staying in bed for days on end or a man who has lost his wife may work with me to process the “hurt” part of himself that he tries to cover up with extra hours at the office. These parts have potential themes of loss, rejection, abandonment, or loss of safety/support. It’s my position that every part of a person has a function and purpose and deserves to be heard and understood. It’s only when these parts of you are given space in session where emotions can be regulated and losses grieved.

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