EFT is the most effective marital therapy in the world

Every marriage or relationship has a pattern of interaction, typically with one person drawing toward the other and the other person drawing away during times of vulnerability. It’s a balancing act of sorts, but it can become problematic when this pattern becomes rigid and fixed. I provide Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) which helps you identify this maladaptive pattern, slow it down, and connect in an authentic way all while feeling heard and understood in session, not blamed or criticized for your moves in this pattern. EFT is attachment oriented and honors the fact that we have deep, innate needs for safe connection and emotional engagement.  EFT does not pathologize clients; you are not crazy, and your behaviors make sense in the context of your relationship. This means that even if you don’t feel like your relationship is in a state of turmoil, EFT can still be beneficial. It posits that even a “healthy” marriage can become stronger and more secure with the counseling I provide, and with statistics showing that couples typically wait an average of 7 years before seeking out counseling, the sooner you get in, the better.

Relationship patterns can become problematic when they become rigid and fixed

The marriage therapy I provide does not include me preaching at you or teaching you conflict resolution or communication skills in my office and having you go home to attempt to do these on your own. The best way I can guarantee success is to make sure it happens in my office. Sessions are experiential and focus on what’s live in the room; we will get to the root of your relationship’s pattern, attachment to each other, and even your own self. Once we are able to do this, you and your partner will have a more secure bond with each other and be able to naturally resolve conflict and communicate openly as a result. At times, therapy can be difficult. All good things are worth hard work, and research backs up that EFT is the most effective marital therapy in the world to date. The relapse rate is minimal, meaning that a year from now, you won’t be back in my office with the same issues. If you want change and improved connection in your relationship, I’m confident that this could work for your marriage if you are willing, and I’d be honored to join you in that process.

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