Online Counseling and E-Therapy


Telephone counseling is offered for a variety of problems.  This format can be of value if you do not have access to office based services for whatever reason.  This service is not appropriate for anyone with suicidal thoughts or severe psychiatric problems.  This service is most appropriate for stress, sex, relationship, infidelity, work,   and family based problems.

How to begin:

If it is decided that this form of counseling can be useful to you, fees and payment will be discussed.  You will be provided with a regular appointment time to call the office.  It is suggested you sign-up for a discount telephone service with rates as low as a penny a minute.  This will make telecounseling very low cost.

Telephone counseling is effective for many people, as demonstrated by research, and in my experience as a counselor.  I offer the same professional service over the phone as in my office.

Email is OK

So you have a question or two or many.  Then this is the service for you.  We will set up a correspondence by email to communicate on a monthly basis.  You can use this service independently or combine it with other services.  Have just one quick question?  Email your questions and lets get started!

Sometimes it takes only a few sessions (a “session” meaning one email from you and one response from me) and sometimes it may be more of an ongoing process, requiring more communications (sessions).  The end of our therapeutic relationship (also called “termination”) is determined by you and/or the resolution of your problem.

If at any time I feel that my services are no longer needed by you, I will discuss this with you and we will reach a mutual decision.  If at any time you, or I, feel it would be in your best interest to work with another therapist, I will provide you with referrals to other professionals.

Let’s get started!

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