Specializes in effective short term treatment of family relationship concerns.

Paul graduated from the University of Arkansas and Louisiana State University in Social Work with an NIMH mental health fellowship. He is a Licensed Certified Social Worker (LCSW) and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) in Arkansas. He has pursued a clinical career in community mental health, psychiatric outpatient and inpatient services, and the private practice of psychotherapy. He has further specialized in relationship and family therapy and became a clinical member/fellow of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy for many years. He is former President of the Arkansas division of AAMFT.

When asked why  Preferred Counseling, Paul said “My decision to join Preferred Counseling is to benefit my clients for help and healing in a positive and supportive environment and to be  affiliated with the highest quality counselors in the community.  As a therapist, parent and grandparent, I believe I can offer specific insight and assistance that is helpful to couples and families that I am fortunate to encounter for counseling.”

Posts by Paul Rust:

Four Common Mental Illnesses in the Elderly: Learn the Risk Factors and Symptoms to Watch For

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September 10th  is when the world celebrates grandparents. Let us not forget our elderly population and their mental health. Research suggest that over 20% of adults over the age of 55 have had a mental health concern but only 2/3 have received any kind of treatment. This article indicates that “while mental illness in the […]

Men & Mental Health: A Muted Cry

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Men & Mental Health: A Muted Cry

“Not only do men and women communicate differently but they think, feel, perceive, react, respond, love, need, and appreciate differently.” John Gray, Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus: Practical Guide for Improving Communication Men don’t often verbally express their emotions. This unfortunately contributes to the notion that men don’t battle mental health stressors […]

The Problem Is Not The Problem [in Marriage]

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Marital advice is readily available on the internet, in magazines, TV talk shows or from your friends and family. However, much of this advice is influenced by beliefs and experiences of the adviser (many times secrets or myths) and has little to do with the reality of the specific couple’s difficulties. I don’t intend to […]