Carrie Anne Craig graduated from John Brown University with her Masters of Science in Community Counseling and Marriage and Family Therapy and has been seeing clients since 2010. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT). Carrie also has advanced training in Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), which is recognized as one of the most successful approaches to couples counseling. Carrie has experience working with couples, individuals with severe trauma and grief issues, and chronically mentally ill clients. She is  passionate about fostering healthy marriages in the River Valley. She currently lives in Fort Smith with her dog Benson and enjoys traveling as much as she can.

My passion is for helping couples connect in a secure way through the process of therapy.

We are not designed to handle hurt and pain alone. I believe that therapy can allow you the space to work through this pain in a safe way. Utilizing the EFT model, which is attachment based, we work to re-connect and strengthen the bond of your relationship or even just yourself personally. We all have an innate need for secure connection and emotional engagement, and I work alongside my clients to foster those core connections in an experiential way.

I hope to meet you wherever you are and create space to allow you the chance to move forward where you would like to be individually and/or with your partner. I consider it a great honor for you to consider trusting me with delicate parts of your life and relationships.

Posts by Carrie Craig:

Trauma Therapy

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Going into the counseling field, I never imagined the passion I would come to have for adult trauma survivors. I jumped in headfirst during my internships during graduate school and have had created opportunities over the years to continue working with clients who have experienced trauma ever since. I continue to be amazed by my […]

Walking Through Grief

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Feeling heard and understood during challenging times in life is like a positive bug zapper. We are drawn to those who “get us” in the realest, most genuine ways. At times in life, those people who “get us” may not feel equipped for what we’re going through or perhaps those people may just be few […]

Marriage Counseling & EFT

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Marriage Counseling & EFT

EFT is the most effective marital therapy in the world Every marriage or relationship has a pattern of interaction, typically with one person drawing toward the other and the other person drawing away during times of vulnerability. It’s a balancing act of sorts, but it can become problematic when this pattern becomes rigid and fixed. […]