Hour of Gold…

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Anne Morrow Lindbergh is an American heroine whose personal tragedy demonstrates the ability of the human spirit to grow through pain.  Her eighteen-month-old baby was kidnapped from his crib and offered back to the Lindberghs for a large sum of money.  Eventually, after paying the ransom, after weeks of waiting for her baby’s return, and […]

Stages of Grief

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Denial and Isolation:  Periods of denial are used positively as a healthy way to cope with the shock of finding out the truth. Anger:  Ask “why me?”, He/she feels resentful and envious, frustration and helpless.  They are angry with family, doctors, nurses, friends and others and need to feel cared for and respected. Bargaining:  The […]

Music is an Outlet for Grieving Youth

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After listening to the song, Fire and Rain, post commits about: What is the song about? What were some of the feelings written about in the song? How could you tell the person was grieving? Do you think the person in the song gained anything? Will the person in the song be OK? What feelings […]

Signs of Stress Checklist for Youth

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Instructions:  Look at the following symptoms of stress.  Score each between 1-5. (1=rarely; 2=monthly; 3=weekly; 4=several times a week; 5=almost daily) _______1. Headaches _______2.  Stomach problems – pain, diarrhea, constipation, nausea _______3.  Fast heart beat _______4.  Pain in body –legs, neck, lower back, shoulders, jaw  ______ 5.  Muscle jerks or tics _______6.  Eating problems-no appetite, […]

Grief and Youth

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What does grief mean to youth?  Some youth describe it as the “seasons”. Seasons are the natural part of nature.  Well, people are something like nature.  They also have seasons, such as:  birth, baby, toddler, preteen, teenager, adult, and geriatric.  Change is a natural part of the cycle of life.    Loss is a part of […]