Good Grief Cookbook

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Write a recipe for helping yourself or someone else during periods of grief.  An example could be: Calm Cookies 1 cup caring friends 1/2 cup sharing feelings 1/2 cup meaningful activity 2 T. meditation 1/4 t. good nutition Mix well.  Spread in 9″x9″ prayerful pan and bake for 3 or 6 months or until hope and healing […]

Answers to G.E.I. Coping Inventory

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Make three columns, one for fight, one for flight, and one for facing it head on.  Find below each number and its coping category. Put the score for each number in the appropriate column.  Add up the total scores for each of the three categories. The Category that has the highest score is your primary […]

Normal Ways of Coping With Grief

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The process of integrating a loss is unique to each person, but has some common themes or reactions.  Working through grief is usually done using a variety of coping strategies aimed at making the process safe enough so that the emotions and changes can be endured.  One can see that in this the body has […]

Dancing With Feelings

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Aary Aardvark walked as quietly around the bird as he could hoping to startle or wake it.  The blue bird didn’t make a sound.  In fact, nothing happened.  The bird neither moved nor flew away.  Aarvy sat down, spellbound by its beauty.  As Aary sat watching the still blue bird with the orange wing bands […]

Four Tasks of Mourning (W. Worden)*

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To accept the reality of the loss. To come face to face with the reality of the loss as irretrievable. To experience the pain of grief. Including the literal physical pain that many experience and the emotional and behavioral pain associated with loss. To adjust to an environment in which the deceased is missing. Reorganizing […]