A Challenge for Sleep

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Tips and challenges from Dr. Oz on how to sleep better for life! Get-back-to-sleep-plan! Sleep Challange!

PTSD Video-“Now, After”- From a soldier’s viewpoint

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PTSD Video “Now,After”- From a soldier’s viewpoint An autobiography depicting a young soldier’s difficult experiences of disturbing flashbacks and images as he attempts to return to civilian life as a student after serving in the war in Iraq.

G.E.I. Coping Inventory

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Each person copes with stress and problems differently.  When you are under stress or have problems, how likely are you to do each of the following? Write down the most appropriate number for each statement:                                        1=Never          2=Seldom        3=Sometimes        4=Usually        5=Always 1.  Drink alcoholic beverages.                2.  Talk it out with others. 3.  Read […]

Answers to G.E.I. Coping Inventory

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Make three columns, one for fight, one for flight, and one for facing it head on.  Find below each number and its coping category. Put the score for each number in the appropriate column.  Add up the total scores for each of the three categories. The Category that has the highest score is your primary […]

Normal Ways of Coping With Grief

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The process of integrating a loss is unique to each person, but has some common themes or reactions.  Working through grief is usually done using a variety of coping strategies aimed at making the process safe enough so that the emotions and changes can be endured.  One can see that in this the body has […]