Proof You’re Not Crazy By Ben Storie, LPC-S

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At least once a week someone will ask me, “Am I crazy?” It’s one of my favorite counseling questions. Because I love to tell people they’re not. It’s a legitimate question, I guess. If you’re crying all day, punching walls, or if you’re too afraid leave the house it could feel like you’re ready for […]

The Demon Dialogues by Ben Storie, LPC-S

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Over the past few years, I along with my colleagues have lead several transformative weekend events called Hold Me Tight Marriage Intensives. These are based on the groundbreaking work of Dr. Sue Johnson, the founder of Emotionally Focused Therapy and New York Times bestselling author. The following information is presented in greater detail at these […]

Internet, Telephone and E-Therapy: For Individuals

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If you are on the move and find it difficult to physically meet with your therapist, E-Therapy may be for you.  Any device that has a Web browser can be used: computer, tablet, or smartphone. Distance counseling meets the demands of the digital world and allows clients to better fit their therapy into their schedules […]

The Problem Is Not The Problem [in Marriage]

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Marital advice is readily available on the internet, in magazines, TV talk shows or from your friends and family. However, much of this advice is influenced by beliefs and experiences of the adviser (many times secrets or myths) and has little to do with the reality of the specific couple’s difficulties. I don’t intend to […]

The Problem with Cleaning the Kitchen

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The problem with cleaning the kitchen is that I find a toy that belongs in Eva’s bedroom so I stop and take it there. While I’m in her room I find a bath towel on the floor so I take it to the laundry room. I try to start a load of laundry but the […]